IT Infrastructure

Office Machine Consultants is your source for business network hardware and software systems. In addition to providing equipment and software, we deliver expert services in design and implementation of your network systems. Once your equipment is in place, we offer complete IT support and managed services to maintain your network environment.

A company’s IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, and network resources needed to provide IT services within the company. Hardware might include: servers, storage devices, firewalls, PCs, switches, equipment for Internet connectivity, etc. Software may include: Operating Systems, applications and utility software. Infrastructure provides security, connectivity, and accessibility for all employees within the company network.

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provide a centralized resource for data, programs/applications, employee accounts, group policies, network permissions, shared drive space for users, and network printer access. Servers also help in simplifying control for system administration for the network.


provide a network security system that monitors and controls incoming/outgoing network traffic based on a security configuration. They protect against outside attacks by inspecting and regulating data traffic flow.

Wireless Access Points (WAP)

are hardware devices that allow Wi-fi devices to connect to a local area network (LAN). They extend wireless coverage for the network, while maintaining separate controlled access for employees and guests.The lates APs can ensure optimal security and speed, facilitating faster data transfers.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

is a device connected to the network providing secure storage and the ability to access data from a centralized location for authorized network users. A NAS device provides easy data backup and recovery within the network. This device used in conjuction with a backup software controller, provides reliable data protection along with disaster recovery. 


are multiport hardware devices that route data and control network traffic flow by connecting devices on the network. They are an integral part of network speed and performance.

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